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Red Burgundy - 1997

Meteorological data: rain and thunderstorms at the end of August, followed by sunny and dry weather.
Harvest status: from September 1st.
Abundance: small harvest. Millerandage. Tricky winemaking.
Quality: excellent.
Overall quality of the vintage: good.

White Burgundy - 1997

Good weather conditions.
Harvest status: from September 1st, average harvest but excellent quality.
Overall quality of the vintage: good

Red Bordeaux - 1997

Meteorological data: very mild winter and cold spring. Tropical conditions in August.
Harvest status: Dates: September 8th.
Abundance: poor.
Quality: uneven ripening. Dilution.
Overall quality of the vintage: mediocre.

Bordeaux White - 1997

Meteorological data: Early spring and flowering. Very hot summer.
Harvest status: Dates: August 18th, the earliest of the century.
Abundance: Low.
Quality: mixed. Rot, millerandage
Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good.

Syrupy Bordeaux - 1997

Meteorological data: summer weather in autumn.
Harvest status: Dates: August 26th.
Abundance: poor.
Quality: Superb. Good noble rot on the grapes.
Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Very good ageing potential.

Champagne - 1997

Elegance, finesse and uprightness: while not necessarily constituting a vintage year, it seems to have been fairly a success for the Chardonnays.

White Alsace - 1997

"The sweetest year of all time," as this vintage was described. In Mittelbergheim, all the more credit to Albert Seltz for producing some dry wines to go down in history. In the Riesling, but especially in the Sylvaner, of which he is an "unconditional" supporter, as his corks announce. For the Grand Cru Zotzenberg, still denied the appellation because the INAO does  not (yet) consider the Sylvaner a noble variety, this big, nervous brown grape gives a wine of an incredible complexity.

Jura - 1997

General quality of the vintage wine: very good. Excellent very well-balanced wines.

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