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Red Burgundy - 1972

Meteorological data: a harsh winter. Early budding in April. A very cool but dry summer. Intense sun in September.
Overall quality of the vintage: good. Fairly well-structured and pleasant wines. The most concentrated may have a certain charm.

White Burgundy - 1972

Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good. Light wines, lacking in finesse, sometimes acid. Now past their best.

Red Bordeaux - 1972

Meteorological data: late flowering. A dull, cold and very rainy summer. Fine autumn.
Overall quality of the vintage: poor. Dreary wines, soon faded.

White Bordeaux - 1972

Overall quality of the vintage: poor. To be avoided.

Syrupy White - 1972

Overall quality of the vintage: mediocre and charmless. Many Sauternes were declassified 

Rhône Valley - 1972 

A love letter: all finesse and charm. Don't go looking for sinew, muscle, power. The laurels go to the Cornas and the Hermitage. Stay away from the Côte-Rôtie, a disappointment this year.

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