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Red Burgundy - 1923

Meteorological data: wet and cold Spring; dry June and July and a very hot and dry August; gentle rain in September.
Harvest status:
Abundance: small harvest.
Quality: high quality.
Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Some very good wines.

White Burgundy - 1923

Overall quality of the vintage: very good, but it is rare to be able to taste these white burgundies.Not everyone would agree but, in our opinion, this is the second greatest year of the century. Things started off very badly, however, with a very cold spring and soggy clouds. Flowering was a struggle.

Chablis suffered a very severe frost in May: it was then that Father Balitran, in response to the crisis, set up the La Chablisienne cooperative on the baptismal font. The fine weather finally took up residence for the summer in Burgundy. Healthy, ripe grapes produce a wine rich in fat and generous in flesh. The harvest is tiny (by volume, one of the lowest of the century), but flamboyant when tasted from the barrel, then in the bottle. A Savigny-lès-Beaune will hold up well for six decades, probably drawing on mahogany and walnut wine, but keeping its fatness and a fairly spectacular Gothic architecture.

A wine so rich in colours, it could have come from an artist's palette. And what concentration! Extraction is not yet an option, and oenology and winemaking are still rooted in ancestral methods. With no temperature control! All credit to the winegrowers, who produce their masterpieces with the sole help of nature and their know-how. This vintage benefits from its tannic chewiness and a liveliness that will carry it well into the future.

Red Bordeaux - 1923

Meteorological data: a cold and wet spring, followed by a warm summer.
Harvest status: Date: late harvest.
Abundance: normal.
Quality: average.
Overall quality of the vintage: average, thanks to a certain initial charm. The wines are fragile, however, and of little interest nowadays.

White Bordeaux - 1923

State of the grape harvests:
Date: late harvests.
Overall quality of the vintage : average.

Syrupy Bordeaux - 1923

Harvest status: Date: from September 27th.
Overall quality of the vintage: good. A pleasant year, but no more than that. Wines that have now dried out.

Champagne - 1923

Harvest status:
Abundance: small harvest.
Quality: good.
Overall quality of the vintage: good. Tasting today is taking something of a chance, but the wines can still be pleasant and delicious, with a captivating golden sparkling colour.

Red Rhone Valley - 1923

It was a very unlucky year for winegrowers, who suffered two awful vintages in succession, in 1922 and 1923. The wines from the 1923 harvest are a little better, however.          

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