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Red Burgundy - 1990

Meteorological data: warm winter. An early, wet spring, encouraging plant growth. A cooler April, May and June, with occasional showers and hail. Late flowering. From July till September, warm, sunny and dry weather. Early September, welcome rain.

Harvest status: From September 17th. Those harvesting later benefited from brilliant sunshine at the end of month.

Abundance: particularly high yield.

Quality: good harvest. Small, ripe, healthy grapes with thick skins.

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Wines of great scope, with plentiful extract and tannin and a lovely dark red hue. A vintage with excellent ageing potential.

White Burgundy - 1990

A mild spring and early shooting. From April till June, the Chablisien is ravaged by frost. Flowering, long and patchy, ends in late June. The dry summer is followed by rain at the beginning of September.

Harvest status: harvesting begins mid-September.

Overall quality of the vintage: good. Very sweet grapes but with little acidity. Some vines subject to shatter (coulure). Uneven fruitset (millerandage).

Red Bordeaux - 1990

Meteorological data: from January till March, very mild and sunny weather. Early spring. Beneficial rain in April. Very good flowering. A tropical July. Providential rain at the end of August. Worrying rain from September 14th to October 24th.

Harvest status: Dates: in the middle of September.

Abundance: a big harvest.

Quality: very good. Grapes sometimes over-ripe or, on the contrary, swollen with water because of the rain during the harvest.

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Well-constructed, fruity, fairly powerful wines, with supple tannins.

White Bordeaux - 1990

Meteorological data: a mild winter and early flowering. Warm, long summer, ideal for good ripening.

Harvest status: Dates: early.

Abundance: slightly smaller than for the reds.

Quality: ripe grapes.

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Sweet and pleasant wines, with a good balance between acidity and alcohol. Drink now.

Syrupy Bordeaux - 1990 

Meteorological data: excellent conditions. Warm and dry summer. Heat and rain in September resulted in an early appearance of noble rot.

Harvest status: Dates: beginning on September 15th until October.

Abundance: a fine harvest.

Quality: very good noble rot. Grapes ripe and very rich in sugar. Difficult vinification.

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Magnificent wines, rich in alcohol and in residual. Very good ageing potential.

Champagne - 1990

Meteorological data: heavy frosts in April affecting up to 45% of the vineyards. Bad weather during flowering, which extended from end May to the beginning of June. Warm and dry summer. Rain in September followed by cool winds encourages healthy ripening.

Harvest status: Dates: September 11th for the Côte des Blancs, September 24th for the Pinots Noirs.

Abundance: high in volume.

Quality: good.

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Some very fine wines with a good level of alcohol and acidity. Considerable ageing potential.

Red Côte du Rhône - 1990

OVERAL quality of the vintage wine: excellent. Rich, concentrated and well-balanced winesGood ageing potential.

White Alsace - 1990

Superb across the board, with the vintage particularly favouring the Gewurtzraminers, Tokay-Pinot Gris and Rieslings. A splendid late summer provided the conditions for, among others, an astonishing late harvest of Riesling, Cuvée Frédéric-Emile from the Trimbach estate, and a Zinnkoepflé ice wine, again a Riesling, from Seppi Landmann.

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