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Red Burgundy - 1999

Meteorological data: very good conditions for ripening up to the harvest.
Harvest status: from September 6th.
Abundance: good harvest.
Quality: excellent grapes.
Overall quality of the vintage: very good.

White Burgundy - 1999

Harvest status: a warm year, with the exception of June.
Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good

Red Bordeaux - 1999

Meteorological data: early flowering. Warm and wet summer. Rain during the harvest.
Harvest status: Dates: September 13th.
Abundance: average. Green harvesting.
Quality: uneven.
Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good.
Hail strikes Saint-Émilion, just before the harvest. "It has become common practice here to do what it takes to make great wines," comments Jean-Claude Berrouet, oenologist at Pétrus. "That's why, in spite of the hail, some decided to make the best they could out of damaged raw materials, whatever it took".  Times have changed. By the end of this century, a century in which enormous progress was made, it is becoming difficult not to produce great wines. 

White Bordeaux - 1999

Harvest status:
Quality: grapes sometimes harvested too early.
Overall quality of the vintage: very good.

Syrupy Bordeaux - 1999

Meteorological data: good early flowering. Harvest disrupted by rain.
Harvest status:
Abundance: high.
Quality: good. Good noble rot, strict sorting.
Overall quality of the vintage: very good.
In Champagne, the wines lack nothing in terms of sensory qualities, but are slightly diluted and lack acidity due to the heavy rain.  

Champagne - 1999

Meteorological data: hail destroyed part of the vineyards.
Harvest status:
Quality: grapes high in alcohol and low in acidity.
Overall quality of the vintage: good.

White Alsace - 1999

Beautiful vintage , any vines.

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