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Red Burgundy - 2000

Meteorological data: warm weather in May and in June. Early and rapid flowering at the beginning of June. Rain and cooler temperatures in July. Some hailstorms caused fairly significant damages to certain vineyards. Sunny and dry overall in August and September, in spite of some showers.

Harvest status: From September 6th.

Abundance: big harvest.

Quality: fairly good but uneven. Thinning and green harvesting. Sometimes insufficient ripening.

Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good, but mixed. Some great successes, a large number of austere wines, to be drunk young.

White Burgundy - 2000

Meteorological data: mild winter. May and June enjoyed summer temperatures, encouraging the vines to develop. Excellent flowering. A cool, rainy and stormy start to the summer, then dry and sunny, but still with some rain. Good conditions for the harvest.

Harvest status: from September 1st. Very high in volume, about 30% higher than forecast. Very healthy fruit.

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Some fine wines with complex, rich and fruity aromas. Perfect for laying down.

Red Bordeaux - 2000

Meteorological data: very rainy April. Warm May. Early flowering. Wet and cool June and July. August and September very fine, warm and dry. Favourable conditions for the harvest.

Harvest status: Dates: from September 14th.

Abundance: high volume.

Quality: nicely ripe grapes, healthy and rich.

Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good, but uneven. Some very good wines, but also some diluted wines. Overall, fine colour and well-balanced tannins.

White Bordeaux - 2000

Meteorological data: mild winter. Early flowering and ripening. A cool summer overall, with the heat returning at the end of August and into September. Good conditions for the harvest.

Harvest status: Dates: from September 7th.

Abundance: high yield.

Quality: very healthy grapes

Overall quality of the vintage: good. Fleshy wines, fat and aromatic. Good ageing potential.

Syrupy Bordeaux - 2000

Meteorological data: rainy at end October, not helping the development of the noble rot, and making harvesting tricky.

Harvest status: Dates: from September 14th.

Abundance: very small harvest.

Quality: uneven. Dilution.

Overall quality of the vintage: average. Wines that suffered overall from poor weather conditions. Severe selections produced some notable successes, however.

Champagne - 2000

Meteorological data: dry and mild winter. Mild and very wet spring. Very dry May and June. At the beginning of July, violent hailstorms destroy part of the vineyard. Good weather, dry and sunny, returns in August and through to the harvest.

Harvest status: Dates: early, from September 11th.

Abundance: average yield.

Quality: some fine, healthy grapes, well ripened.

Overall quality of the vintage: good. Wines with only average levels of alcohol, but good acidity. Some great successes.

Rhone Valley - 2000

Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good. Appealing and successful wines. The success of the 1999 vintages fairly overshadowed this year. White wines of fairly uniform quality in the north: fat and rich.  In the south, supple but often fairly hit and miss. For the reds, the north is a mixed bag, with the best and the worst rubbing shoulders. Low acidity in the south. Vacqueyras play the outsider. Despite having body and presence, these bottles will likely not make it to 2100.

White Alsace - 2000

" Thunderstorms every week from May till July! " The vintage wine 2000 to Kientzheim, Paul Blanck will remember it himself! His customers also, but for the other reasons: aromatic white pinot, very fresh Riesling Patergarten present no track of shower. Just, sometimes, a sudden shower of happiness...
Happiness also to Mittelbergheim at Albert Seltz, whose sylvaner Old vineyards is so successful as, on the label, he wrote Io sono contento. As Léonard de Vinci having painted the Mona Lisa! By enjoying its sylvaner selection of noble grains(beads), anche noi, siano contenti (we too, we are satisfied).
Happiness finally at Frédéric Mochel, to Traenheim. Little father have the intelligence (or the impatience!) of that, who left officially the reins of the house in the hands of his 23-year-old son, on June 1st, 2001. Actually, it did not take many risks: from 1997, a Riesling Slept off Guillaume in the well-balanced notes of flint and honey marked the first weapons of the new generation. Since, the Gewurtzraminer 1998, the sylvaner on 1999 and the white pinot klevner 2000 showed a beautiful control of the various vines. The third millennium looks good.

Loire wines - 2000

A fairly difficult year in view of the rain, better suited to reds and dry whites than to sweet wines. At the Domaine de la Louvetrie, Joseph Landron produces some particularly brilliant wines. One worthy of mention is his Cuvée Haute Tradition, a Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur lie, fat and expressive, a million miles from the acidic  "house white" that has so often sullied the reputation of the appellation.

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