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Red Burgundy - 1929

Meteorological data: Excellent weather conditions. A hot summer and rain at the end of September to swell the grapes.

Harvest status:

Abundance: large harvest.

Quality: good. Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Classic, supple and elegant wines, with immediate appeal but also very good and lengthy ageing potential, still full of interest now.

White Burgundy - 1929

Harvest status: significant harvest, good quality.  

Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Magnificent ripe, sweet wines, often less vigorous than the 1928s.

Bordeaux Rouge - 1929

Meteorological data: difficult flowering. Favourable summer. July, August and September were hot and timely rain fell in September, before the harvest.

Harvest status: Dates: September.

Abundance: average yield.

Quality: The rain damped down the tannins, acidity and alcohol, without altering the quality. Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Elegant wines, with a delicate balance. The best and best kept can still be pleasant, although they are no longer at their peak.

White Bordeaux - 1929

Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Tasty wines of good consistency, superb and ripe. Kept in optimal conditions, some are still excellent.

Syrupy bordeaux - 1929

Harvest status: Dates: from September 23rd.

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. The best Sauternes, it has been said, since 1921. Wines of a harmonious, fine and delicate sweetness, which generally have a deep colour. If stored in the right conditions, they are still perfect. The Sauternes still have a good potential (until 2020 for some).

Champagne - 1929

Meteorological data: a great summer.   

Harvest status:

Abundance: high yield

Quality: good.

Overall quality of the vintage: Very good. Delicate, charming wines.

Rhône Valley - 1929

Meteorological data: favourable weather.   

Harvest status:

Abundance: acceptable volume.  

Quality: Excellent. Very fine grapes

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Rich and powerful wines. With great ageing potential, they have enjoyed a very long life. Now tired and very hard to find.

White Alsace - 1929

"Beautiful quality, excellent harvest, lots of wine": Emile Hugel is clearly a happy man. For him in Riquewihr, as for René Beyer in Eguisheim and, indeed, for all the producers recording this level of quality for two years running, this is something never seen before. The quantities are higher than in 1928. "Alcohol levels are high," notes Les Vins d'Alsace magazine. "However, some wines are selling for 120F (18€) per hectolitre, despite their remarkable quality. Quality wines sell at between 200 and 220 F (30 to 33€) . This is a very real crisis, however, because prices are falling even though the harvest is excellent."

Jura - 1929

Meteorological data: good weather conditions.

Harvest status:

Abundance: good yield

Quality: very good grapes

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Rich wines with a very long ageing potential.

Loire Wine - 1929

"On the nose, a delightful palette of liquorice and angelica. In the mouth, a fine, dry character. The aromas become honey, lime blossom, candied fruit, whispering: "If you like me, finish the glass. You could even have another." The great virtue and seduction of the Vouvray is indeed its longevity. Who but Jacques Puisait, President of the Institute Français du Goût, would speak in such tender terms of a wine he was tasting (Daniel Allias' Clos du Petitmont)?    

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