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Red Burgundy - 1950

Red Burgundy - 1950

Meteorological data: hail, rain and rot.

Harvest status: mid-September.

Abundance: massive.

Quality: grapes low in alcohol. A lot of diluted juice.

Overall quality of the vintage: mediocre, weak wines

White Burgundy - 1950

Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Some excellent  wines, still good now

Red Bordeaux - 1950

Meteorological data: uneven weather.

Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good. Wines a little lacking in charm and balance. Seen by some as past their best.

White Bordeaux - 1950

Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good.

Syrupy Bordeaux - 1950

Meteorological data: wet year. The harvest is saved by an Indian summer.

Overall quality of the vintage: very high. Wines that are now tired.

Champagne - 1950

Production is plentiful but quality only averages as a result of rot. Not a great vintage.

Rhone Valley - 1950

A good year. While not rivalling the fame of the historic vintages, these wines can hold their head up.

White Alsace - 1950

"This year was blessed," says Charles Hobel in Kientzheim, summing  up an outstanding and bumper crop. Giving 85.7 hectolitres per hectare, it is the biggest since 1934.

Loire Wine - 1950

As often with years ending in 0 (1920, 1960, 1980), 1950 saw cold, wet weather, producing wines ranging from dry to soft, rarely sweet. 

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