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Bordeaux Red - 1910

As far as weather goes, it would be hard to do any worse than 1910, a particularly disastrous year apart from an improvement in mid-October. The harvest was neither good nor abundant and Château Margaux was the only great wine to be bottled.

Meteorological data: Bad weather. Improvement in mid-October.

Harvest status: Dates: harvesting began in mid-October.

Abundance: low yields.

Overall quality of the vintage: poor. Inconsistent, clear and extinct wines.

Champagne - 1910

Undoubtedly the worst year of the century. Impossible to harvest the slightest bunch since mildew attacks followed storms and hail. Average yield was barely 115 Kilograms of grapes per hectare, compared to an average of 385 kilograms since 1901. Never would it fall so low again, even during the two world wars.

Red Rhone Valley - 1910

An acceptable vintage given that half of France was drenched in torrential rain and the grapes were often not even harvested. Only the Rhone Valley was spared and managed to supply its French customers with this vintage.

White Alsace - 1910

The situation is dramatic, "even worse than in 1903," in the unanimous opinion of winegrowers. This is the eighth poor year in eleven years.... But it is true that Alsace, under German rule since 1871, encourages an all-out policy of quantity, planting only productive vines, and disdaining the quality for which the region was already well known in the Middle Ages.

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