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Red Burgundy - 1996

Meteorological data: rapid flowering at the beginning of June. A fine summer, although a little mixed. Dry and sunny September. Good conditions for the harvest.

Harvest status: early harvest.

Abundance: important harvest.

Quality: excellent. Healthy grapes, rich in sugar. Good level of acidity and thick skins.

Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Intense, ripe wines, well structured with fine tannins. Perfect for keeping.

White Burgundy - 1996

Hail on certain vineyards. Sunny weather, very good conditions for harvest.

Harvest status: early, plentiful harvest and excellent quality.

Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Well structured, concentrated, elegant, fresh wines and good acidity. Perfect for keeping.

Red Bordeaux - 1996

Meteorological data: early spring and flowering. Hot and stormy June. A changeable summer, very rainy and little sun in August. From the end of August, cold, dry and sunny weather. Rain for the end of the harvest.

Harvest status: Dates: from September 15th to October 11th.

Abundance: reduced.

Quality: fine harvest. Some shatter.

Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Well-balanced wines, excellent concentration and good acidity. Many tannins and considerable ageing potential.

White Bordeaux - 1996

Meteorological data: good conditions for ripening.

Harvest status: Dates: before September 17th.

Abundance: low.

Quality: good.

Overall quality of the vintage: very good, but a little uneven. Rich, fruity and elegant wines, fine structure. Sometimes acidic. In general, good ageing potential.

Syrupy Bordeaux - 1996

Meteorological data: the sun returns at the end of September. A fine October.

Harvest status: Dates: October.

Abundance: average.

Quality: excellent quality. Fine noble rot.

Overall quality of the vintage: good. Some fine nervous, aromatic wines, with good noble rot.

Champagne - 1996

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Some fine wines, sometimes very acidic. Good ageing potential.

Rhone Valley - 1996

Meteorological data: persistent rain in the S-southern Rhône valley.

Overall quality of the vintage: good. In the northern part, the wines are rich and acid, a little rough in their youth but with good ageing potential. Wines from the south are fruitier but lighter, ready to drink now.

White Alsace - 1996

1996 " Snow in the middle of the harvest!" Catherine Faller can smile at the memory now, but this sudden onslaught of bad weather was much less amusing at the time. The result ? "Wines with high acidity, which fortunately didn't have time to be diluted, very green at the time, but perfectly elegant in the 2000s." Nor is there any hint of green in the opulence of Hugel's Tokay-Pinot Gris Vendanges Tardives. Potent truffle on the nose, in the mouth it has simply retained a lively attack, notes of lemon, pineapple and white pepper and then again truffle in the mouth, before finishing on apricot and pineapple. Not really suggestive of snow...

Loire Wine - 1996

Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Very successful white wines, good acidity and with considerable ageing potential. A great vintage of very well-balanced, soft wines.

Jura - 1996

 Meteorological data: some rain. Harvest status:

Quality: dilution.

Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Magnificent wines, with considerable ageing potential.

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