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Red Burgundy - 1988

Meteorological data: heat and welcome showers.

Harvest status:

Quality: concentrated berries.

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Rich and tannic wines. Good degree of alcohol. Plenty of dry extract. Very good ageing potential until 2020.

White Burgundy - 1988

Harvest status: lacking concentration.

Overall quality of the vintage: good. Ripe, fresh and pleasant wines, now on the decline.

Bordeaux Red - 1988

Meteorological data: difficult flowering. Dry summer. Storms followed by sunshine.

Harvest status:

Quality: Fine grapes harvested late.

Overall quality of the vintage: Very good. Virile, firm, structured wines. Keep for another ten years.

Bordeaux White - 1988

Overall quality of the vintage: good.

Syrupy Bordeaux - 1988

Meteorological data: exceptional sugar content.

Overall quality of the vintage: Excellent. The wines still have potential for further ageing.

Champagne - 1988

Meteorological data: good conditions.

Overall quality of the vintage: very good.

White Alsace - 1988

All or nothing: the wettest autumn for 170 years, followed by the sunniest November in 170 years. Result: some magnificent Sélections de Grains Nobles, like Seppi Landmann's Gewurtzraminer Zinnkoepflé, raisined until it acquires notes of pineapple and rum.

Rhone Valley - 1988

One of the vintages of the century, so alluring is its finesse (especially in the north). Charming and well rounded in red, elegant in white (Hermitage, Saint-Joseph, Saint-Péray), its qualities have earned it lasting love and appreciation.

Various Red - 1988


Overall quality of the vintage: very good. A reference vintage. Very good ageing potential.


Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Magnificent wines with good ageing potential.

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