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Red Burgundy - 1953

Meteorological data: a touch of frost. Pleasant, soft and encouraging spring. Cold and rainy June and July. Some shatter. Hot, dry August and September.

Harvest status: from September 29th.

Abundance: low in volume.

Quality: good, although there was some shatter.

Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Delicious, supple and ripe wines. Some have great ageing potential and are still magnificent.

White Burgundy - 1953

Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Pleasant wines, supple and full of charm, but can lack a little structure. Average ageing potential.

Red Bordeaux - 1953

Meteorological data: an early, dry spring with some frosts but no damage. Flowering started well but the cold and rain resulted in shatter. A lovely summer and perfect August. Excessive rain in the middle of September.

Harvest status: Dates: rain delayed the grape harvest, which begins October 2nd with perfect weather.

Abundance: high yield.

Quality: perfect ripening. Good vinification.

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Charming and elegant wines. Many are still at their peak, but it would be better to drink them before they deteriorate.

White Bordeaux - 1953

Meteorological data: excellent flowering. Very fine in August. A wet September, but the harvest is unaffected.

Overall quality of the vintage: good. Attractive, ripe and pleasant wines. Some lack a little acidity. Now past their best.

Syrupy Bordeaux - 1953

Meteorological data: rain September. Good harvest conditions.

Harvest status: Dates: from September 28th.

Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Wines full of charm and finesse. Excellent at the  moment.

Champagne - 1953

Meteorological data: favourable conditions, with sun and showers.
Harvest status: Dates: very early harvest, from September 14th, in mild, accommodating weather.
Quality: good. Ripe, healthy grapes.
Overall quality of the vintage:  very good. Supple, elegant, well-balanced wines. Most are now past their peak, but the best are ageing gracefully.

Rhone Valley - 1953

Meteorological data: very good weather conditions.
Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. All in all, powerful wines with good ageing potential. Outstanding harvests in the northern sector, sometimes less successful in the south. Acceptable on average, but with variable development, including some wines with good ageing potential and others that faded rapidly. Some light wines that passed their peak  a long time ago.

Loire Wine - 1953

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Some excellent wines across the whole Loire valley.

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