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Red Burgundy - 1940

Meteorological data: good weather conditions.

Harvest status:

Quality: harvest spoiled by mildew.

Overall quality of the vintage: rather average wines.

White Burgundy - 1940

Overall quality of the vintage: poor. Consumed during the war

Red Bordeaux - 1940

Harvest status:

Abundance: average.

Quality: neglected in wartime.

Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good, but uneven. Richly coloured and attractive wines, sometimes still interesting.

White Bordeaux - 1940

Overall quality of the vintage: good.

Syrupy Bordeaux - 1940

State of the grape harvests:
Dates: from September 25th.
General quality of the vintage wine: inferior.

Champagne - 1940

No house declares a vintage. With only 1,100 kilograms of grapes per hectare, this is the lowest harvest since 1916.

Red Rhone Valley - 1940

The wine leaves little taste in the mouth. Like all the war vintages (with the exception of the 1943), it merits little mention.

White Alsace - 1940

Annexed by Germany, the region produces a very small grape harvest and wines of fairly good quality. In his Chronique de la viticulture alsacienne au XXe siècle, it is to this vintage that Claude Muller finds himself forced to devote the least space. The indefatigable historian can only repeat the laconic comments of commentators who took the trouble: "good wine in Mittelbergheim, average quality but very pleasant and harmonious wines in Riquewihr…" As a result of the war, notes Henri Beck of Pfaffenheim, "in June, Alsace comes under German control. The prices of the old wine start to increase from July."

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