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Red Burgundy - 1986

Meteorological data: cold and rainy weather but no frost. Successful late flowering. A fine summer. Rain and thunderstorms at the end of August and in the middle of September. Good weather for the harvest.

Harvest status: Date: from September 24th, in the rain. For certain estates, later harvests in very good weather conditions.

Abundance: large quantities.

Quality: uneven due to the rain. Some rot.

Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Solid, tannic wines. Good ageing potential, to be drunk now.

White Burgundy - 1986

Harvest status: late harvests, at the beginning of October. An abundant harvest and some problems of dilution.

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Some good, firm, concentrated wines with great structure. The best are to be drunk now.

Bordeaux Red - 1986

Meteorological data: Cold and wet spring. Delayed growth. May and June fine and warm. Good flowering. Very hot summer until mid-September, interrupted by some light rain. Storm on September 23rd.

Harvest status: Dates: September 29th.

Abundance: a bumper harvest.

Quality: good but uneven.

Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Powerful, firm, fruity and tannic wines. The best, upheld by the fruit and extract, may still be good.

Bordeaux White-1986

Meteorological data: good flowering, perfect summer. Heavy rain from mid-September; unpromising wet and foggy weather.

Harvest status:

Abundance: huge harvest.

Quality: sometimes diluted.

Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Attractive wines. Some were not put on sale, as the harvest was diluted.

Bordeaux Liquorous - 1986

Meteorological data: ideal weather conditions in autumn with sunshine and morning fogs encouraging noble rot to develop.
Harvest status: Dates: from the beginning of October.

Abundance: plentiful grapes.

Quality: fine development of noble rot.

Overall quality of the vintage: Excellent. Classic wines. Still good today. The best can continue to improve until 2030.

Champagne - 1986

Meteorological data: Late budding. Flowering at the end of June in perfect conditions. Sun and high temperatures during the summer. Rain in August and before the beginning of the harvest, early September.

Harvest status: Dates: September 28th to early November.

Quality: Diluted by the rain of August and early September. Millerandage and shatter. Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good. Few vintages. Wines lacking a little balance and often past their best today.

Alsace Blanc - 1986

Very good year for Rieslings, from which Seppi Landmann produces a superb, delicate Zinnkoepflé grand cru. A clear, brilliant colour, and a very mineral nose on white flowers and anise herald a lively, spicy mouth. The whole is more elegant than opulent, and magnificently balanced.

Rhone - 1986

Overall quality of the vintage: often mediocre. Some supple and concentrated wines, but also many dull, soulless wines, now past their best.   

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