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Red Burgundy - 1944

Meteorological data: a good year spoiled by heavy rain during the harvest.

Overall quality of the vintage: poor. Light and diluted wines.

White Burgundy - 1944

Overall quality of the vintage: poor.

Bordeaux Red - 1944

Meteorological data: variable but favourable weather. Rain at end of harvest.

Harvest status:


Quality: high, uneven due to rainfall.

Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good. Light, short wines, the most attractive of which are spicy and tasty.

Bordeaux White - 1944

Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good but light and uneven wines.

Syrupy Bordeaux - 1944

Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Uneven nowadays, but the best are still very good

Champagne - 1944

Harvested in appalling weather, this year's grapes produced no vintage. In Ay, René Goutorbe remembers those years when he was away in an STO forced labour camp in Austria: "My parents managed to send me champagne. We cooled the bottles in the snow. Believe me, that was a good year!"

Rhone Valley - 1944

Except in the south of the region where some good wines were made, quality was noticeable by its absence.

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