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Red Burgundy - 1982

Meteorological data: mild winter. A very fine spring. Early flowering at end May. A fine summer. Some showers in August. Magnificent weather for ripening.

Harvest status: from September 20th

Abundance: large quantities.

Quality: good overall, but some problems due to the sheer quantity of the harvest. Dilution.

Overall quality of the vintage: very good but uneven. Ripe wines lacking a little concentration and acidity. Limited ageing potential. Now past their best.

White Burgundy - 1982

Overall quality of the vintage: good but uneven. Overall, an attractive vintage. Some very good wines of character, ripe and very tasty. Most of them are now past their best.

Red Bordeaux - 1982

Meteorological data: dry and mild spring, without frost. Excellent flowering in June. Very dry and warm summer. Showers, cooler weather and sunshine in August. Particularly warm and dry September. Good harvest conditions.

Harvest status: Dates: early ripening; from September 9th.

Abundance: very large harvest.

Quality: grapes with perfect maturity, sweet, alcoholic. Vinification relatively difficult to control due to high fermentation temperatures.

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Sweet, fruity and tannic wines. Plenty of extract. Very good ageing potential.

White Bordeaux - 1982 

Meteorological data: perfect conditions for flowering. Overall, however, the weather proved too warm.

Harvest status:

Quality: very ripe grapes. Grown on very exposed plots of land, the grapes are sometimes over-ripe.

Overall quality of the vintage: good. Good quality, well-constituted wines, but lacking a little acidity. Most are now past their best, with the exception of the best crus.

Syrupy Bordeaux - 1982

Meteorological data: heat in June and July. Very high temperatures from August to the middle of September. Torrential rain at the end of September, which washed away the noble rot. Very bad conditions for the harvest.

Harvest status: Dates: certain estates harvested their grapes before the rain. Others waited for it to stop.

Quality: grapes with very high sugar content, but water-logged.

Overall quality of the vintage: good. Sweet wines, but suffering from the lack of noble rot. Excellent ageing potential, unlimited.

Champagne - 1982

Meteorological data: good weather conditions. Cool spring. A perfect June for flowering, with scattered light showers. Warm and dry July. In September, scatterings of light rain completed the plumping of the grapes.

Harvest status: Dates: from mid-September.

Abundance: very large harvest.

Quality: good, in spite of the mildew in June and July. Perfectly ripe and plump grapes. Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Elegant and structured wines. Some lack a little acidity, but the greatest, well balanced, continue to improve in the bottle. A vintage now hard to find.

Red Côte du Rhône - 1982

Harvest status: Abundance: very big quantities.

Quality: uneven. Problems of dilution.

Overall quality of the vintage: good, but uneven. In the northern valley, the wines are light, dull and diluted. Some successes in the southern part. In general, not a wine for keeping.

White Alsace - 1982

As in Champagne, the high volumes of grapes, however ripe, can sometimes lead to a certain dilution in the less well-run vineyards. "But that posed no problem for the growers concerned," says an ironic Jean Hugel, "since it sold well right across France!" Fortunately, the majority of grapes, more concentrated, tended to produce wines more worth laying down, like this Gewurtzraminer Zinnkoepflé from Seppi Landmann in Soultzmatt. Harvested late but made as a dry wine, it still has a typical nose of lychee and rose in 2001. Very ample without heaviness, all finesse and elegance, it offers a whole range of spices through to its lengthy finish. The compliment is almost enough to make Seppi blush: this was his first vintage.  

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