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Red Burgundy - 1966

Meteorological data: mediocre conditions until the end of August, then plenty of sun followed by good ripening. Good weather for the harvest.

Harvest status: September 28th.

Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Very successful, firm, thin and elegant wines with good ageing potential.

White Burgundy - 1966

Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Well-balanced, supple and firm wines, with enough acid and fat to age well.

Red Bordeaux - 1966

Meteorological data: cool and fairly dry summer. Welcome sun and heat in September. Harvest status:

Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Excellent and very elegant wines, firm, slim and stylish. Very good ageing potential. The lesser wines have dried out, but the Grand Crus are still good now and for some years to come.

White Bordeaux - 1966

Overall quality of the vintage: good. Firm but well constructed wines, with a good level of acidity. Although now on the wane, they remain attractive.

White syrupy - 1966

Overall quality of the vintage: good. Thin and slim wines. They lack fat and flesh, but their high acidity has enabled them to hold up well over time.

Champagne - 1966

Meteorological data: frost in January. Hail. Hot in June. Rushed flowering. Shortage of sun in August
Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Firm, balanced wines of great finesse. Now past their peak.

Rhône Valley - 1966

As full-bodied as Tartarin de Tarascon, a wine to inspire dreams. It will live on into the 1980s and 1990s, and still have tales to tell on occasions. Like that of the inspired Cornas of this year.

White Alsace - 1966

A fine vintage across the region.      

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