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Red Burgundy - 1938

Meteorological data: frost and hail. Fine autumn sun.

Harvest status: from October 4th.

Quality: grapes took too long to ripen.

Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good.

White Burgundy - 1938

Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good, but lacking brilliance.

Red Bordeaux - 1938

Meteorological data: a shortage of sun delayed the harvest.

Overall quality of the vintage: mediocre. Drunk during the war.

White Bordeaux - 1938

Harvest status:

Quality: somewhat neglected in wartime

Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good.  

Syrupy Bordeaux - 1938

Harvest status:
Dates: September 26th
Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good, but lacking brilliance. 

Champagne - 1938

Vintage wines at Roederer only, wines are characterized by very high yields. The vineyard underwent infringements of shatter and millerandage.

Rhone Valley - 1938

A poor year.

Loire Wine - 1938

Though by no means unforgettable, the year nevertheless produced some very presentable demi-sec wines, in particular in Vouvray and Montlouis. This was the first time Montlouis had produced a vintage under its own name, as until then it had enjoyed the right to label its wines as Vouvray. The two rivals shared the same terroir, but not the same reputation, at least in those days.

White Alsace - 1938

A small harvest devastated by the cold.

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