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Red Burgundy - 1900

Meteorological data: mixed weather. Alternating rain and sun, colder spells and
hot weather all year. Violent thunderstorms in July damage the vines.
Harvest status:
Abundance: high yields, despite the damage caused by July thunderstorms.
Quality: acceptable. Problems caused by an over-abundant harvest of only average quality, sometimes slightly diluted.
Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good. A less successful year than for Bordeaux, which enjoyed more even weather conditions. Good wines but nothing special.

White Burgundy - 1900

Harvest status:
Abundance: a good harvest.
Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good. But the wines are scarce and now past their best.

Red Bordeaux - 1900

Meteorological data: magnificent weather all year long. A good spring for shooting. Good flowering, with very pleasant June. Ideal conditions for ripening with a warm, sunny summer and some welcome scattered showers. Good weather during the harvest.

Harvest status: Dates: beginning of September

Abundance: a big harvest

Quality: very good, grapes reached perfect maturity.

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Wines with very great ageing potential, although now past their peak. The best of them, and the best kept, may still be interesting to drink, however.

Champagne - 1900

Meteorological data: A lovely warm summer, with thunderstorms in August, but not too much damage to the vines. The weather stabilises for the harvest, which take place in good conditions.

Harvest status

Abundance: fairly large harvest.

Quality: excellent, in spite of the bad weather (frost and extreme heat) and the phylloxera, still raging in the vineyards this year.

Overall quality of the vintage: very good but a little uneven. Certain wines are a little diluted (when the harvest was late). Others evolved very fast and dried out, but there were also some excellent wines, now faded.

Red Rhone Valley - 1900

Overall quality of the vintage: Very good. Remarkable red wines in their time, because of only average ageing potential. Now extremely rare.

White Rhone Valley - 1900

Overall quality of the vintage: white wines with excellent ageing potential, outlasting the reds.

Loire Wine - 1900

Meteorological data: good weather conditions: very good weather all year long.

Harvest status:

Quality: excellent. Very ripe grapes. Good natural sugar content.

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Some very good wines across the whole Loire Valley. Bottles today are scarce and the wines faded.

White Alsace - 1900

Meteorological data: Very good weather all year long. A mild winter, clement spring, and a good summer.

Harvest status

Abundance: particularly large harvest.

Quality: very good, although certain estates faced problems with the over-abundant harvest. On the whole, though, very ripe grapes and high sugar content came together.

Overall quality of the vintage: Excellent. Very good wines across the entire Alsace wine region.

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