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Red Burgundy - 1969

Meteorological data: late flowering. Sun and heat in July and August. Cold and rainy September.

Harvest status:

Quality: somewhat uneven ripening.

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Classic, solid, corpulent wines. Good balance of tannins and of acidity. Very good and with considerable ageing potential. Excellent today and with the potential to keep for some years yet.

White Burgundy - 1969

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Pleasant, firm, well-constituted wines and good acidity. The best are still magnificent.

Red Bordeaux - 1969

Meteorological data: unfavourable weather.

Overall quality of the vintage: thin wines

White Bordeaux - 1969

Overall quality of the vintage: good, but uneven. Rather acidic wines.

White Syrupy - 1969

Meteorological data: saved by an Indian summer. Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good but uneven. Attractive wines but lacking balance.

Champagne - 1969

Meteorological data: unpredictable spring. Cold spell in August. Violent thunderstorms. Excellent harvest.

Harvest status:

Quality: average. Harmful mildew.

Overall quality of the vintage: good. Wines moderately successful, tasty but acidic.

Red Côte du Rhône - 1969

Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Corpulent, delicious wines and perfect balance.

White Alsace - 1969

Good vintage, but massive hailstorms in some places wiped out up to half of the harvest.         

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