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After acquiring an understanding of wine-making at the Domaine Carillon de Puligny Montrachet, I decided to devote myself to selling Burgundy wines in order to convey the passion that I have always had for them.

My love of wine was passed down to me by my grandparents who, themselves, were wine-makers in our wonderful region of Burgundy, and we used to drink the famous Santenay 1947 of which the family was so proud. As a result, my palate became used to aged wines and when I started to build up my own wine collection, I noticed that it was difficult to find these rare wines at wine sellers in the region.

Therefore, I came up with the idea of opening a shop able to supply wine lovers from all over with aged wines and, today, it is my pleasure to offer wines from all regions with a selection of diverse and varied vintages.

On our website, you will find:

 - Both wines to be consumed immediately, as well as wines for ageing - I have selected them from winemakers for whom quality is of upmost importance.
 - Also wines from the birth years of you, your friends or family; a perfect way to celebrate a birthday!
 - It may also be a gift idea for company directors who want to celebrate the 10th or 20th anniversary of their business.
 - Or a retirement gift, to mark the year on which your employee joined the company.

Aged wines

Aged wines are there for the pleasure of those who want to drink them and to inspire those who will carefully store them in their cellar.

All these old bottles have a history. In the same way as you and I, they are not the same, most of them bear the marks of their creator, but above all, that of the time, their region, and the year they were created.

The aged wines have been selected on the basis of four criteria

The wine’s capacity to age:

Whenever possible, I tend to prioritise regions with strong personalities over those that are reputed to be suppler.

The colour:

Although wines rarely had the same colour as they do today, certain colours are a sign of a wine that is deteriorating.
I select wines that have the most attractive robe possible.

The fill level:

Although good bottle fill levels are a clear sign of the good conservation of wine, they are not solely responsible for the quality of the wine. Out of caution, my choice always goes with wines with good fill levels.

The condition of the labels

I always try to keep labels and vintages visible for sales. Those that are too damaged are set aside because the vintage and the appellation must be visible. That said, we must not forget that a good wine cellar is a bad cellar for labels because there is humidity. This means that the labels bear the sign of the passing years that, ultimately, give these bottles their universal beauty.


Enjoy your journey through a century of Vintages...

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