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Red Burgundy - 1935

Harvest status:

Abundance: large harvest.

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent.

White Burgundy - 1935

Overall quality of the vintage: good. Rather a rare vintage.

Red Bordeaux - 1935

Meteorological data: warm and dry summer. Wet September.

Harvest status:

Abundance: a large harvest.

Quality: uneven.

Overall quality of the vintage: mediocre. This vintage has all but vanished.

White Bordeaux - 1935

Overall quality of the vintage: good.

Syrupy Bordeaux - 1935

Harvest status: Dates: from September 25th.

Overall quality of the vintage: fairly good. Vintage wine bottled just before the start of the war. Rare today.

Champagne - 1935

Worthy of a vintage of its own according to Roederer, but  a year ignored by the other houses.

Red and White Rhone Valley - 1935

Nothing particularly interesting, except for one great wine quoted as an example: Jean-Louis Chave's Hermitage.

White Alsace - 1935

Happy memories from both the north and south of the region: the wines of Saint-Hippolyte and Epfig are particularly memorable.

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