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Red Burgundy - 1928

Meteorological data: the vintage survived the vagaries of the weather: the summer was hot, but not without incident, with hailstorms in particular.

Overall quality of the vintage: very good. Fine, solid wines, firm structure. If well kept well, they are still good.

White Burgundy - 1928

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Firm, fine wines. Good ageing potential: if properly kept, the 1928 whites can still be excellent, particularly the Meursault.

Red Bordeaux - 1928

Meteorological data: good flowering. Extremely hot summer, which over-thickened the skin of grapes. Welcome rain. Good conditions for the harvest.

Harvest status:

Abundance: plentiful.

Quality: good. Very good grapes, perfectly ripened.

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Deep wines, rich in alcohol and tannin. Initially too strong on tannin and too hard, some of the finest will require 50 years of ageing to mellow. Today, however, the wine has matured, mellowed and reveals itself as still magnificent. A great year for keeping.

Bordeaux White - 1928

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. The best vintage of the decade for dry whites, and the one that has held up best. Firm, full and complete wines, including a nice acidity.

Sweet Bordeaux - 1928

Harvest status: Dates: harvesting began too early, on September 12th.

Overall quality of the vintage: Very good. Firm wines, less sweet and paler than the 1929s but with a better acidity. With good ageing potential, they have held up well.

Champagne - 1928

Meteorological data: a fine summer.

Overall quality of the vintage: excellent. Fine, firm wines, capable of lengthy ageing. Properly kept, the 1928s can still be magnificent.

Alsace - 1928

Not even the oldest winegrowers can recall seeing such quantities.  Moreover, for the first time in a long time, yields are finally proving acceptable, if not outstanding. This turnaround prompted Les Vins d'Alsace magazine to rhapsodise: "we paid fabulous prices for these great wines, because they are of a rare and exquisite quality, worthy of being placed in the sanctuaries of each of our national gourmets!"

Loire - 1928

Superb vintage, especially for the Quarts de Chaumes. The very good sunshine gives rise to some deliciously distinctive semi-dry wines in Vouvray. For the white Anjous, it is generally a good year, with wines of little colouring, fine and very fresh.           

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